for the region
and its people

The picturesque small town of Staufen
lies in the Upper Rhine Valley,
nestled between the Black Forest and the Vosges Mountains.

The coat of arms of the town of Staufen im Breisgau, home to the Schladerer family and business.

“Home is where the heart is” – this well-known proverb is an apt description of how we feel about our spectacular region. With its diverse scenery and culture, the Black Forest is one of Germany’s most popular vacation destinations. And that’s hardly surprising, given that Germany’s largest continuous low mountain range is so green, with much of the region covered in dense forest. In this largely rural area, visitors are greeted by unspoiled nature, friendly people and lots of small towns and villages dotted across the countryside.


One of these towns is Staufen, the home of Schladerer. This idyllic small town lies in the Upper Rhine Valley, nestled between the Black Forest and the Vosges Mountains. Despite having only around 8,000 inhabitants, the town is of particular economic, cultural and historical importance for the region. The charming town center with the Kreuz-Post inn, where Sixtus Schladerer first wrote history with his fruit brandy, is a testament to this.


While we’re on the topic of writing, it’s worth noting that in the 16th century, the legendary alchemist and astrologer Georg Faust, whose fabled story inspired Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to write his famous play, lived and died in the town. The Markgräflerland region extends south-west of Staufen. Thanks to its exceptionally warm climate and many days of sunshine, this region is often referred to as the Tuscany of Germany and offers remarkably favorable conditions for growing berries and fruit. This is confirmed by the area’s abundance of orchards. The optimum weather conditions in the foothills in particular make the land ideal for producing fruit of the highest quality. And this benefits Schladerer too, as it allows us to make the majority of our fruit brandy using outstanding, locally grown fruit. We are incredibly lucky to be based in the midst of such beautiful natural surroundings with fantastic growing conditions on our doorstep. And we hope that this remains the case for a very long time to come!

Blossom season in Baden

The scenic Eggenertal valley in the Markgräflerland region. Thanks to the mild climate, fruit trees thrive here and the produce is of a particularly high quality.

This is why we have always been engaged in and committed to our region – on both an economic and environmental level. These values shape all our activities and production methods as well as how we treat people and manage resources. Our sustainable practices begin with the raw materials we use in our fruit brandies. As already mentioned, we source most of our fruit from our immediate surroundings. This not only allows us to save energy by transporting goods across shorter distances, but also enables us to support local fruit growers. This, in turn, preserves the beauty of our regional landscape by helping to ensure it can continue to be used to grow fruit. We are also an advocate of environmentally sound farming methods that do not use any growth stimulants. Our fruits are grown and processed in the most eco-friendly manner possible using sustainable production methods that mostly run on renewable energy. At the end of the day, our customers can be completely confident that all Schladerer products only contain natural ingredients. However, as a company, we not only have a particular responsibility towards the environment, but towards other people as well. In this spirit, we adopt a consistently fair and caring approach as both an employer and business partner. Our success in these endeavors is reflected by our long-standing relationships. Many of our employees have been working for us for more than 20 years and some of our suppliers have been with us for decades. This has enabled us to build partnerships based on cooperation and trust that ensure we only procure the best quality fruit. And as a firmly rooted family business with close ties to our home town and a keen sense of tradition, we also support numerous cultural projects. Home is where the heart is, and Staufen, the Markgräflerland region and the Black Forest are more to us than just points on a map. As home not only to the Schladerer family, but to natural resources that sustain the lives of people, animals and plants, these places are valuable areas of land worth preserving – and, with their soil for growing the best quality, sun-ripened fruit, they are the source of fine fruit brandies that are enjoyed by locals and people from around the world.

We build a close and trusting relationship with our employees and partners.

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