and nothing
but fruit.

Schladerer’s fruit brandies are distilled from the most
beautiful and delicious gifts that nature has to offer.

It all comes down to the fruit. High-quality fruit is indispensable for the quality of our fruit brandy.

A fruit brandy is only ever as good as the fruit from which it is made – this statement may sound rather banal, but it couldn’t be closer to the truth. This is why we at Schladerer believe so passionately in only using the best quality fruit in our fruit brandies. It goes without saying that we source our fruit locally wherever possible. We make every effort to support regional fruit growers and their endeavors, all the way up to preserving endangered varieties of fruit.


The good soil conditions and favorable climate in the Black Forest and, in particular, the Markgräflerland region are ideal for growing exceptionally flavorful fruit – above all, the sweet, black distilling cherries that thrive on the slopes of the Southern Black Forest directly on our doorstep. When sourcing fruit from outside the region, we also only ever choose produce of the utmost quality. From golden yellow mirabelle plums from Lorraine and juicy Williams pears from South Tyrol, the Romagna and the Rhône plain, to fragrant wild raspberries from the Carpathian Mountains, we track down fruit growing in the best geographical and climatic conditions and bring it to Staufen. What’s more, in our range of specialties, we only use fruit from a specific region or of a specific variety.


In the Black Forest, the cherry-picking season begins in July. Distillates can only be produced successfully from carefully picked, high-quality, fresh fruit that is harvested when fully ripe. We know our fruit suppliers personally and some have even been working with us for generations. We are familiar with each company’s growing area and working culture, and can fully rely on them to diligently cultivate, harvest and select the best quality fruit. Nevertheless, we set strict growing standards for all our partners so that we can continue to ensure outstanding quality even if we change suppliers. We perform site visits to check that these standards are being enforced and we always inspect new suppliers to ensure that their growing and working conditions meet our expectations.

Discover our fruit

Where would we be without it? Fresh, fully ripe fruit – the basis of all Schladerer fruit brandies.

The fruit is either sorted by hand on site or during harvesting and is transported to us in Staufen as quickly as possible. For weeks, local farmers deliver their crops until long into the night so that the produce can be processed when it is still fresh. Refrigerated trucks are used to transport fruit delivered from further afield. As soon as the quality controls are complete, the fresh, whole fruits are pumped into special fermentation tanks, where they begin to be broken down into smaller pieces. Since the flavor of the subsequent distillate is not only determined by the pulp but by the seeds or stones of the fruit as well, this process is performed with a certain degree of deliberation, with the specific proportion of pits to be retained within the fruit being calculated in accordance with requirements and on the basis of experience.


We conduct fermentation – the process during which the natural sugar found in the fruit is converted into alcohol with the help of natural yeasts – in our mash tanks under the watchful eye of experienced distillers. Depending on the type of fruit, this fermentation process takes two to three weeks. However, not all fruit and berry varieties are able to produce sufficient alcohol during this period of time to enable us to obtain an adequate distillate. This is why fruit with a low sugar content, such as raspberries, has to undergo maceration, a process which involves the berries being coated in rectified spirit from a natural source while they are still in their unfermented state. We use this method to “extract” the aroma from the fruit so that it can subsequently be recaptured in the finished brandy.


High-quality fruit, fermentation, the skills of a master distiller and a sufficient maturation period – it is only through our proficient combination of all these factors – and our refusal to use any additives such as flavorings or sugar – that we are able to produce fruit brandies with such an amazingly natural aroma and flavor, in which the fruit shines through so vividly and unmistakably. The Schladerer family is proud to put its name to such incomparable taste sensations and guaranteed product quality.

Once delivered, the fruit – in this case pears – is carefully inspected and sorted

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